Osaka Business Promotion Seminar 2021

"City of Diversity Osaka-Kansai", the current trends of recruitment and the city planning for 2025

【Online event】
Date:17, November 2021(Wednesday)

Seminar Contents 

 A new way of working under "the New Normal" has been widely debated all over the world and has attracted close attention everywhere. On this seminar, we will invite various speakers and ask their insights for "a circumstance for recruitments and employments under current unpredictability" , "Global talents in Osaka-Kansai region", and "prospects for the future of Osaka-Kansai economy."

Also, we will ask foreign business talents working in Osaka about the reasons why they chose Japan-Osaka as their place for job, what
they are hoping for the future in Osaka, and challenges they face here today.

In July 2020, the startup ecosystem consortium between Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe has been selected for the ”STARTUP CITY” by the national
government. Together with " Global Financial City Osaka” strategy, Osaka-Kansai has attracted an attention as a global innovation city and
is expected for further development.

This seminar also covers Osaka Prefecture and City governments' latest policies.

■Osaka Investment Promotion Seminar 2021
  - "City of Diversity Osaka-Kansai", its Current Trends in Recruitment and the City Panning for 2025 -

■Date : 17, November 2021, (Wednesday)
             14:00-16:40 (Japan Standard Time)
■Venue: Online (Zoom)
■Language: Japanese  (with English simultaneous translation)
■Deadline for registration:12, November, 2021.
■Fee: Free
■Organizer: Osaka City,
                       Osaka City Business Promotion Project Joint Venture
                      (Constituents: Osaka International Business Promotion Center (IBPC Osaka), Osaka Business Development Agency)
■Supporter: Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC)
                      (Constituents: Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry), JETRO Osaka, KOTRA Osaka
                      Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry-Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.
                      Kansai Economic Federation, KANSAI Association of Corporate Executives
Osaka International Business Promotion Center (IBPC Osaka), International Affairs Department,  Matsuba(Ms.) Pham(Mr.)
2F,1-5-102 Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-Ku, Osaka, Japan
Tel: +81-6-6615-7130

Programs (The contents might be changed)

14:00〜14:05 Greeting from Osaka City

14:05〜14:15 Setting a Backup For Your Headquarters Function to Osaka -The Potential of Osaka Kansai-
         (Mr. Kenichiro Yamashita, Director, Second Capital Promotion Bureau)
14:15〜14:25    To Actualize Global Finance City Osaka
                            (Mr. Tetsuya Sakamoto, Associate Director General, Department Of Policy and Planning Planning Office,
                                Osaka Prefectural Government)
14:25〜14:55 Future of Osaka -The Latest Trends in Recruitment and its Future in Osaka-
                              (Mr. Akimasa Kataoka, Director Osaka, Walters Japan K.K.)

14:55〜15:25 Global Talents and the City Planning in Minami-area, Osaka
                              (Mr. Shinji Wada, Corporate officer,
                               Deputy General Manager of the Innovation Creation Division, Chief Manager of New Business Department,
                               Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd)                  

15:25〜15:50 Presentation from Active Foreign Startups in Osaka
                              (Ms. Meghan Bridges, Marketing & Operations Director, Rainmaking Innovation Japan G.K.)
           (Mr. Dwayne Grech, Founder, Experience Design Director, Hello xLAB G.K.)

15:50〜16:10 Q&A

16:10〜16:40 Online exchange session


Akimasa Kataoka 
Robert Walters Japan K.K.
Director, Osaka

Born in Tokyo.
Joined Robert Walters Japan in 2007.
While mainly engaged in career consulting for foreign companies  
for 13 years, he assisted numerous companies' recruitment
projects. In 2020, he assumed the position of the representative
of West Japan and the director of Osaka branch.

Shinji Wada
Nankai Electric Railway
Corporate officer
Deputy General Manager of the Innovation Creation Division
Chief Manager of the New Business Department
Born in Hyogo prefecture.
Joined Nankai Electric Railway in 1987.
He was serving in accounting depatment, corporate planning
department, planning departments of several group companies,
and "Greater Namba creation department" that was established in 2019. Today, he assumed the position of Deputy General Manager of the Innovation Creation Division.

Meghan Bridges
Rainmaking Innovation Japan G.K.
Marketing & Operations Director

After graduating, Meghan immediately moved to Japan to fulfil her dream of working in Osaka. With experience in both the gaming
industry and the innovation industry, Meghan now works at
Rainmaking Innovation Japan as the Marketing & Operations
Director, coordinating innovation projects and running accelerator programs for startups to enter Japan and for startups to expand
within the Kansai region.
Dwayne Grech
Hello xLAB G.K.
Founder, Experience Design Director

Originally from Canada, Dwayne made his way to Japan, by way of Las Vegas, as founder of Hello xLAB, an experience design

His 10+ years in digital design have helped some of the world’s
top brands in the automotive, fintech, and tourism industries
elevate their brand and user experience.

Looking to Asia for a new challenge and adventure, Dwayne is
eager to connect and engage in thoughtful discussions on design and innovation. He is available to help develop divergent and
creative solutions for businesses and institutions of any size.

Dwayne’s specialties are UI/UX, branding, product design, digital
content, spatial and activation design.


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